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Classic boxers

Here are non-stretch boxers decorated with lots of frill, lace and ribbons.
Made of thin cotton, silk, rayon or lace.
Black lace

Floral pink
Flower garden

Lovely color.
Snow white
Really daring

Look at the wide lace on the back.
Black lace
Seethrough lace

Gorgeous lace cloth.
Soft silk

Graceful wide lace.
Silk stripes
Sheer silk

Silk scarf with white and silver lace.
Slit and ribbon
Like an apron

Ribbons of sides are cute.
Lacy cotton
Simple boxer

Plain and pretty.
Sweet flowers
Flowers on pink

Crossing by lace.
China patterns
Trimmed with satin

Brocade of Dragon and Phoenix.

Red boxer
Tropical red

Tight boxer of stretch fabric.
It doesn't have fly.

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In my country, non-stretchable boxers with center fly seem to be very popular among gentlemen.
Those boxers are loose and airy.

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