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Welcome to my "Cute Underwear Making" site.
It has a gallery of handmade undergarments. Do you like these works?

What a boxer!

In my country, most of men put on plain classic boxers.

There are many boxers of various design.
For example, stripes, cross stripes, abstract patterns, Anime character patterns.
But nothing is decorated with lace or frill.

So I made undergarments with lace and ribbon.

Do you stick to the fixed idea?

Only 200 years ago, men dressed up with plenty of lace.
Now, why not?

I hope you are liberal about underwear.

I love snake hips of men.

I am a doll artist. Boy Dolls is the main site of my dolls.
Formerly I preferred to make dolls of boys than girls.
I liked slim boys.

I have started making underwear and made a new site Ryuyo-tei(柳腰亭).
'Ryuyo' means slender hips or waist, and 'tei' is a house.

This site is English version of Ryuyotei.
It was titled "Men's underwear gallery Snake Charmer".

I put cute underwear for men on my site.

It's not that I recommend male men to wear ladies garments.
Wearing tight panties is bad for health because men's bodies are different from ladies.
So I sewed bikini briefs which fit for men's body. And they are healthy.

Many people had visited. Not a few sites have linked to me.

But I did not update so often.

To my surprise (and anger), Google seems to presume my site something adult.
You know it's wrong and stupid.

I may close this site in future.

Lace adorned
Attach lace to ready-made goods

I have several websites.

A lot of websites and blogs I have released. Making sites was my pastime.
I'm not good at English, so most sites are written in Japanese.

Recently, most of these are not updated.
But it is not that old sites are worthless.

Hanty Panty (how to make underwear) was frantically welcomed by people who love fancywork.
Cloth Doll Making pleased all newbie dollmakers.

I hope you tell your friends that my sites are very sound and useful.

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