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Adornment with lace

Why not make your ready-made underwear romantic?
It is easy. Only attaching lace and ribbon.
Lace attached

Decorated boxer

This example is very cheap stretch boxer, 100 yen.

I trimmed the waist with small lase and groin with wide lace.
The lace is not cheap.
Pants and lace

Sew the lace at the below of elastic.
If the lace is not longer than waist, you cannot put it on.
Wide lace is sewed at one inche up of the hem.
Stitch the lace

Attach ribbons. Finished.

Fancy bikini

Bikini brief of denim-like stretch cotton (490 yen).

I attached cotton lace gathered.
It's easy to make pre-gathered lace.
Valentino bikiniCasual and cute

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