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Cute bikini briefs

Some are made of stretch cotton. Some are other fabric.

Basic type

No seam at the front. Gathering makes baggy front.
They are trimmed with soft lace.
All single cloth. No fly.

Golden scales
Golden snake bikini

Two way stretch fabric of golden scales on black.
Transparent pink
Bamboo bikini

Transparent cloth from bamboo and polyester.
Polka dot
Small red dots

Simple type. Elastics in the waist and hem.
Soft fitting
Spring sky

Sewed with stretch lace at the waist.
String and lace
Flower field

To fasten with strings at the sides. It is free size.

Other types

Gorgeous silver
Star stream

Rayon cloth with silver metallic thread.
Stretch lace at the back. T string.
Lace thong
Pink lace thong

All pink, all lace. Process of sewing.
Bikini from a tie
Tie thong

2 types (for lady and man).

Bikini making

Simple bikini
Dark blue
Front seam.
Silver snake pattern
of 2way fabric.

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