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How to make boxer

Tight and hiphugger (low-rise) boxer shorts of stretch fabric.
Simple and easy to sew.
Hip-hugger boxer



Print the pattern on A4 paper.
Hip size is 88 centimeters. Enlarge if you need.

This pattern can be applied to ladies' boxers. Use green line of front part.


Plus seam allowance.
You may separate front and back.
Cut pieces


Make gather the front piece a little. Sew it to the sides.
Front sewed

Sew the crotch to the front and the back.
Attach crotch

Fold the waist and the groin and stitch.
Pass an elastic through the waist.

Front and back.
Pink boxerBack

You can decorate your boxer with small ribbon and stretch laces.
Boxer with lace

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